1950: Gino Lea Parts Ways…

From the Half Moon Bay Review, October 26, 1950

Gino Lea wrote the “This Is Your Coastside” column for the HMB Review

“Well dear hearts and gentle readers, we have come to a parting of the ways, you and I. This is my last column on the Coastside. There remain many personalities and industries to be written about but unfortunately they will probably remain unwritten.

“Offhand I had plans for the Salomones with the yeast, flour, and paste shop known as the Half Moon Bay Baker; the strictly family enterprise everyone knows as the Alves Dairy; the million dollar organization that is the Half Moon Bay Growers Association; Perry Chiles Miramar Fuchsia Gardens; the story behind the Half Moon Bay Dons.


And such personalities as Jack Quinlan, Frank Bernardo, Charlie Beffa, Tom Marlowe, Alvin Hatch, Mrs. Griffith, the Williamson’s of Pescadero, James Healey and for an adquate bribe I might have slipped in George Dunn now that a good Republican is ancient history.

“Lay down that Brick Bat George, I’m only kidding. As well as my plans were, they weren’t half so elaborate as the designs someone else had on me. Remember the recruiting poster during the lat war which showed Uncle Sam pointing his finger at you over a caption that screamed—Uncle Sam Wants You. Believe me, the man wasn’t kidding. He not only pointed, he pushed a little. Yes, Uncle has bagged himself another nephew.

“And so we have come to the end of our little tour of the Coastside. Hope you enjoyed it.

“Slow down, driver!–that’s it–right here–end of the line. This is where I get off.”