The Dick Stewart KPIX Dance Party Show Was A Must Watch…

1959: 63: I watched Dance Party faithfully and became a great fan of Lynn Facciola and Frank Pisa, two of the popular San Francisco show’s biggest stars. Every weekday afternoon the camera followed all their moves, the ones I NEVER could get right.

(Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine displays her lack of rhythm and athleticism? That’s me, ok.)

Yes, I was a groupie.

Here’s a photo of Frank Pisa with a lovely portrait of Lynn Facciola in the background.


Today I received an e-note from Manny Interiano who told me:

“Frank Pisa’s wife Jo sent me a copy of your article [click here] about my buddy Frank Pisa and the Dance Party. I really enjoyed it, but then again it is always good to hear from someone who is from the same time and space.

I hope that you visit our web site and relive some of your memories. I hope that you write me; I would love to share memories with you.”

If you enjoyed Dick Stewart’s KPIX “Dance Party” tv show as much as I did– email Manny here .

To visit the KPIX Dance Party site, click here.