Our Coastside Beaches: 5 Tires & A $455 Sand-Clogged Bib…

Report by John Vonderlin.. (email John: [email protected])

Besides 5 tires yesterday and the usual assortment of debris, I found a very nice pair of sand-clogged Henri Lloyd bibs on the beach just north of Ano Nuevo.

Seeing that they were $455 online, and thinking that they were related to the Lou Denny Wayne that went aground north of Gazos Creek last week, I called the owner of the fishing vessel. His employee thought they were his but I haven’t talked to Lou Denny Wayne’s owner yet. A chance to commit a random act of kindness related to my Marine Debris obsession at Christmas time is a gift to me. Besides, it will be a great excuse to make the big circle from Santa Clara to Santa Cruz to Pescadero, something I don’t do very often these days….