Did the Vessel “Brother Buzz” Stumble Across the San Juan?



Posted reply [from Robert to Fran Young]”I’ll look for a pic of vessel. Location corresponds with ‘San Juan’, iron passenger vessel lost 1929. I’d like to get your gps#’s at your slip in HMB and I can proof against out gps(there is small differences in unit to unit) and hope you don’t mind but past the info onto buddy with NOAA and he’ll be trying to interest officials in making a submersible dive on it. Hopefully it’s early enough to be coal or IF switched to oil firied it’s not a sleeping environmental disaster like the ‘Jacob Luckenbach’ (we provided logistical etc. support to the oil recovery on her as we dove it the last 14? Years) in the Western Channel.-Again thanks for providing the info to the world and furthering our knowledge of a cultural resource. I’ll pass any info I dig up onto you. Bob (we’ve been diving wrecks here in California since 1968 and worked with Bill Anderson on his sub search out of HMB).”

Attached is a drawing of what I remember the image on my depth sounder to look like, length is of question because of speed of my vessel, bear in mind this is what the compiled image would have been, the total readout would have been approximately 3 screens at 11.5 MPH. I am going to the boat this afternoon and will give you my in dock position. As to whether I mind if you share the information, Putting it on Coastside was exactly what I was doing “Sharing the information” I’m excited to see if It is indeed the San Juan having sunk 78 years ago. You know I am from PA and I was born in Chester County Hospital not far from where the Keel was laid for the San Juan. The story was quite a tragedy, I wonder if Mr. Pifer is still alive? The namesake of the S.C.T. Dodd was from Titusville PA, not far from where my Dad was born. I’m glad you are a Coast Side Member, less this would have no doubt remained a novelty I would show others aboard while making tuna runs.

Fran (Brother Buzz) Young
Drawing of Sounding: drawing-of-sounding.jpg