Did the Vessel “Brother Buzz” Stumble Across the San Juan?

Here’s some of the correspondence to this point, I came across the wreck site on Thursday 8/2 while making my way to a spot we fishermen call “601” it is aptly named because it is the only spot on the NOAA chart for our area that is 601 fathoms, Tuna fishing enthusiast refer to the area when talking about a seamount that is approximately 40 miles SW of Pillar Point. While headed in that direction on 8/2, I had spent quite some time staring at a flat 300+ foot bottom on my fish finder, then all of sudden a large sounding and outline of something obviously man made, a sharp square cornered shape a sloping side on the end followed by a second somewhat rectangular shape also clearly Man made and very large, I brought it to the attention of my friend standing next to me on my 1941 Mare Island Naval Shipyard manufactured WWII US Naval Launch (Brother Buzz) which I have kept in Pillar Point for 19 years as a Private Sport Fishing Vessel. OK, can you tell I love my old “Warship”?
Back to the shipwreck, Being a member of the locally founded Coastside Fishing Club, I posted on our forum the numbers (Lat / Long) that I had jotted down while passing over the site. Turns out one of our club members is an avid diver and had knowledge of the San Juan and is doing some foot work with NOAA, below is some of our e-mails…. Fran (Brother Buzz) Young