History of the Coastside’s Beautiful Chamarita (5)

In the late 1890s the Brotherhood of the I.D.E.S. Society (The Society of Divine Holy Spirit) was organized and the first order of business was to raise funds for a new Crown to be owned by the Portuguese religious organization so that future Chamaritas would be assured of their precious symbol.

I.D.E.S founder Manuel Phillips Dutra became instrumental in the fundraising effort as he traveled in a horse drawn carriage throughout San Mateo County, collecting donations amounting to 400 silver dollars. The coins were melted down and molded into the society’s first crown–24-inches tall and weighing a hefty 30 pounds. This irreplaceable silver Crown has been used until the present day.

Dutra, who passed away in 1923, also donated land on Main Street in Half Moon Bay for construction of the I.D.E.S. building where future festivals would be held.

…to be continued…