History of the Coastside’s Beautiful Chamarita (4)

A band from Redwood City joined the festivities, playing marches. Along the route multi-colored Roman candles burned and there was the constant rat-a-tat-tat of small firecrackers.

Almost everybody in town attended the Catholic service, standing room only in the church. After the blessing of the Crown, services concluded, with the happy crowd bursting through the doors into the fresh Coastside air. The celebration continued just like in days of old. Tables, hundreds of feet in length, were loaded down with specially prepared “Chamarita” beef, baskets of bread and pitchers of wine.

Later all ages danced the Chamarita to the accompaniment of a guitarist. The Redwood City Band provided contemporary music until midnight. Everybody came to have a good time and they were not disappointed.

…to be continued…