Let’s Take A Field Trip! Part II

students.jpgPhoto: Students at Pescadero High, 1926.

The kids from Pescadero High were reminiscing about an exciting field trip they had made to Davenport in 1924.

Twelve students and their teacher, Miss Kartheiser, got into three cars–when, a short time later there was the sound of a sharp crack followed by a “pfffftttt”.

No surprise. It was a flat tire–but no one despaired.

This was an ideal time for a picnic lunch. The happy group might have tarried–but they had a schedule to follow.

First stop was Swanton to see the Big Creek Power Plant, located in a steep-walled canyon. Then on to Davenport to view the electrically operated cement plant, said to be the second largest in the world.

The plant’s 500 employees produced 40 carloads of cement per day. The students witnessed a demonstration of how cement–comprised of crushed limestone, mixed with clay and gypsum–was manufactured.

According to a 1920’s Pescadero High yearbook, there were many other field trips–all fondly remembered. The “Peninsula Pageant of Progress” held in San Carlos drew special attention.

The event was more like a County Fair and there was a competition between the area’s high schools. First prize was $15 and a coveted silver cup awarded for the exhibit best representing the high school’s hometown.

Pescadero High’s students decided to build a scale model of the town’s most famous landmark: the Pigeon Point lighthouse. The kids worked diligently to complete the model, including exacting details such as the surrounding roads, farms and ranches.

Their lighthouse was the hit of the San Carlos Fair and more admiring visitors stopped at the Pescadero High booth than any other. The Pigeon Point model won the $15 first prize and the silver cup.

Unfortunately they never got the cup–the embarrassed promoters of the pageant had run out of money.

…To Be Continued…