I Meet With HMB Artist/Sculptor Ken Paul

(my video of Ken Paul here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6sKNwsm4c8)

This afternoon I got an email from Peter Adams. What about Ken Paul? he asked.

Ken Paul is an extraordinary Half Moon Bay artist & human being–whose intricately carved wooden sculpture pieces are displayed outdoors, for all to enjoy– in a pretty setting, a charming clearing, if you will that sits on Main Street between Carol DelMar’s real estate office (located in a cozy historic home) and the historic Zaballa House, a B&B. I already posted several Z-House photos earlier today.

Peter’s email got me curious and next thing I knew I was in Half Moon Bay chatting with Ken Paul about past lives and spiritual things at his “sculpture farm”.

Do you know he’s 73? Unbelievable.

KP1.JPGPhoto: Ken Paul

Here’s Ken Paul’s fabulous sculpture called “Neptune”


And here’s a sculpture a defector from Hollywood did of Ken: KP3.JPG