Sam’s Chowder House

(Photo: Ida and her husband pose for the camera at their colorful outdoor market near the site of a new restaurant/seafood market to be called Sam’s Chowder House)

Paul Schenkman, owner of the Cetrella Bistro on Main Street in Half Moon Bay, just called. He is going to remodel what once was the famous Ida’s Seafood Restaurant overlooking the harbor north of surfer’s beach. It’s going ot be a fresh fish market and restaurant called Sam’s Chowder House.

There are a couple of other restaurants there now and nearby stands the Beach Hotel.

Great location for Paul’s latest.

I loaned him a few historical photos, including a couple of Ida and her husband selling fresh fish from a colorful outside stand.

Paul said he had the photos blown up and they look great. Can ‘t wait to see them.

When I first moved here there was one old house north of Ida’s, a private residence with a driveway, with big old-fashioned glass windows overlooking the harbor,home to a lot fewer fishing vessels than today. And below on the sandy beach there were tiny shells to collect. A young couple lived there, and since it was one of the few homes overlooking the water on that particular stretch of coast, everybody wanted that house.

I believe the house was sold, and didn’t I recently see a sign that it was for rent to someone who was in a fishing-beach-related business?