Was this Near Cozy Nook (?) New Zealand

When you visit the New Zealand beaches on the South Island, you will rarely see an ordinary stretch of ocean with waves. There’s always some rock action…..here’s a good example, the rocks pop out everywhere to excite your vision….


This was a “movie” shot with a flip hd and I cut the still image out and posted what you see here.


I traveled in a camper van which was a wonderful experience. Remember, I went to NZ to try to recover from the loss of my beloved companion. It was so beautiful there; I cannot recommend it more highly, especially for what my goal was. I returned a stronger person. Here is my guide, kiwi and dear friend silver jewelry designer Paula Martin. Paula and husband, Ron Laughlin, do thoughtful itineraries and compile a popularĀ  coffee guide. Paula knows the motor courts very well–so well, that she can tell you which shower is the best one to use! And she has studied the cafes that traveler can stop at along the road– she knows which ones make the finest coffee, and they make the pages of the coffee guide.