John Vonderlin: The Wreck of the Alice Buck (5)

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
Another unusual aspect of the reporting about the wreck of the “Alice Buck,” was the number of small articles in the various newspapers, detailing events similar to that which first drew my attention to this story, another corpse washing ashore. The ultimate of pathos amongst the more then half dozen reports was the last one, on October 14th, in the “Sacramento Daily Union,” reporting, “Another corpse, from the wreck of the Alice Buck came ashore to day (sic) at the beach at San Gregorio, said to be the body of the boy, George Parker.”
With that big load of rails just sitting in the shallows, naturally a salvage was attempted, as reported in the November 7th, 1881, issue of the “Daily Alta,” in a small article stating: “The steamer Ferrdale, has succeeeded in clearing the wreck of the Alice Buck, so as to get to work on the railroad ties (sic.)”
It must not have been successful though, as through the month of December, 1881, the attached ad was run repeatedly. I suspect the dock was never built,  as it is never mentioned again in the papers, nor is Mr. Demarest.
December 16th, 1881 “The Daily Alta.”
Proposals are invited for the erection of a wharf from the Sea Beach near Spanishtown to the wreck of the ship “Alice Buck.”
All proposals must be in sealed envelopes and addressed “Proposal for Wharf to Wreck of “Alice Buck,” and be filed with Johnson & Veasey.  324 Davis street, San Francisco, on or before 12M, TUESDAY, December 20th, when all bids will be opened.”
Less then four years later the “Johnson & Veasey Company” was declared insolvent. Undoubtedly, they railed against the Fates. Enjoy. John