John Vonderlin: Coastside Inventions/The McGlew Ore Extractor

Story by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,

I ran into this short article while investigating Purissima. It appeared in the March 17th, 1896, issue of “The San Francisco Call.”  Mr. McGlew invented a machine for crushing and grinding ore, started the McGlew Ore Extractor Company to manufacture them, and made a lot of money off their success. I have found no evidence he was connected to the California Oil Company, though. Not sure where the Bank Ranch was located. Enjoy. John
“Coast Advocate, published at Halfmoon Bay, gives this interesting news: “Mr. McGlew, who is interested in the California Oil Company, believes the prospect for a strike on the Bank ranch is a good one. Judged by the order of the strata passed through the company is on the right track. The presence of oil is certain; the only question is quantity. Another delay in the work has occurred. The well will be lined and the men were laid off Saturday until the casing could be obtained from the City and put into place.”