John Vonderlin: (1873) The Eggs of Farallone

Story from John Vonderlin
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Article from the June 7th, 1873, issue of the “Pacific Rural Press
Farallone Eggs
Hitherto the Sea-Island eggs have been plenty in May. Now May is passed, few eggs have appeared in this market. June is here and still they are very scarce. They sell at 35 cents a dozen, when hens’ eggs are 25c. The cause is wanton and extravagant destruction. The birds have abandoned the rocky isles for more peaceful homes. We have pursued the same course with salmon in our rivers. The Fish Commissioners have just and wisely issued a prohibition against wanton destruction of salmon. If this is enforced, their threatened desertion of our rivers will be postponed. In our bay, all fishermen empty the small fish on the shore to perish. They should be compelled to return them to the water. We are introducing shad and other Eastern fish. Their capture should be prohibited for two years from this date. And we want guardians of the rivers, who know their duties and who will devote their time to diligent supervision. ” Gentlemanly Politicians ” are out of place in that avocation.