From Photographer Deb Wong: Celebrating B-days

Story by Deb Wong: Spring Mountain Gallery

Hi June,

It was great to see you today! We didn’t get out until 6:30 – it was madness, hectic, etc. Much of it was Christmas business, but also the scans for the Coastal Arts League and many other jobs. Anyhoo, attached are two of the pics we took at Kathy Bibby’s & my birthday -8celebration at Ketch Joannne’s on Dec 5.


Also the pic of where the Golden Gate Bridge was built – before it was built, that is! gg Tomorrow is another incredibly busy day, which includes not just work but the CAL awards and a meeting prior (I am secretary for CAL). Plus, I do want to somehow check out the Living Nativity at Our Lady of the Pillar and the Lighting of the Boats at Pillar Point Harbor. On Sunday, my daughter will be visiting for her Birthday/Christmas visit with us (her birthday is on Christmas Day, but she has to work on that day – and Michael has a wedding shoot on the 25th, too)! We work on Monday (usual for holiday schedule), so no rest for us for awhile……take care, & thanks for dropping by…..Love, Deb & Mike