While You Slept: John Vonderlin’s Been Out There Collecting

JVonderlinStory by John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
Here’s a few interesting photos that you can add to your collection. In the last month we’ve noticed tarballs are coming ashore in small numbers. These seem to be of the same Monterey seep origin as all the other episodes the last five years. I thought the one pictured was interesting enough to photograph.


The giant bull kelp mass in the other pictures is the biggest I’ve ever seen. I “Image” searched online and couldn’t find a picture that matched in in size. The last pictures are some of the results of the best sea glass collecting we’ve ever done. But, I now believe, in regards to this, that if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. I’ll explain why I believe so, in a posting later this week. Enjoy. John