John Schmale: The Tunitas Creek Ocean Shore Railroad Depot & Angelo Misthos Responds

Story by Railroad author John Schmale

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Hi June,

I am sending the two Tunitas Ocean Shore Railway photos as jpegs. I hope they open alright. The one of the trestle missing it’s north end was from about 1938.


The photo of the Tunitas depot dates from the same time period. I recall during the late 1960s seeing the ruins of the depot after the fire. It was a great loss to me as a railroad fan. The photos are from my collection via Rudy Brandt. Rudy Brandt or Robert McFarland took  the photos.


John Schmale, author of Arcadia book:  Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad


Story by Angelo Misthos

Hi, John. Thanks very much for the Tunitas Long Bridge and station
photos–which opened up fine.  I remember the station and its loading
platform, but didn’t go down to take pictures or examine it more closely–I
had only a box camera during those Depression days and don’t think I had it
with me. I think the station had galvanized siding, or maybe just the roof.
As I drove by with my friend  (who’d borrowed his brother’s Model A Ford )
on our way to Santa Cruz, all that remained of the trestle was on the South
side up to about the first x-shaped reinforcements between bents. I was
driving and had just gotten my driver’s license at age 16;  this places the
year as 1939.  Since the photo you sent dates to about 1938, this jibes
with my hunch that the trestle was being dismantled from the north end,
I don’t recall seeing any such activity or equipment as we went by.  Angelo