Channing Pollock: Magic: 1400s – 1950s

00378_cover_xl_magic_0908191332_id_270118World famous magician Channing Pollock is referenced (with photos) in this new big, expensive book, Magic: 1400s – 1950s, published by Taschen. For many years Channing and wife, Corri,  lived in Moss Beach in a magical home overlooking the north end of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.  Up and coming and established magicians came from all over to seek advice from the master who had enthralled audiences with his sophisticated act. He raised magic to a new level by ignoring the basic elements of vaudeville: the joking around aspect. Channing’s silence during his seven-minute act– he made doves vanish– matched the perfection of the formal attire he chose to wear. He was tall and extremely handsome all of his life and had cultivated a carefully thought out stage presence. channing