Angelo Misthos: The Meaning of “Long Bridge” at Tunitas Creek

Story by Angelo Misthos

To John (Vonderlin)

In David L. Durham’s “California’s Geographic Names: A Gazeteer of Historic and Modern Names of the State” there appears under Tunitas Creek (San Mateo) stream: “The (OS) railroad stop near the creek about 1910 was called Long Bridge for a structure built across the stream in 1869. (Browm P. 49.)” This coincides more with your findings that the the Long Bridge name originated from an early roadway  and not with my view that  it was that the OS had so named its 515 foot trestle, though the railroad must have appropriated the name for its own use as previously explained.  I found the above by Googling: Long Bridge at Tunitas Glen/David L Durham. The reference to Brown is probably to Thomas P. Brown’s “Colorful California Names: Their History and Meaning.”  Angelo