Okay, Susan Morgan….Move Over….I’m on Eye on the Bay, TOO

You may have been the “Kotex Lady” before you started making those super delicious Elegant Cheese Cakes in Princeton-by-the-Sea and getting on all those TV shows—but I’m going to be on Eye on the Bay, TOO, in mid-October, for at least a few seconds…and adorable Jennifer, the producer/director, told me that I was “OVER THE TOP!”

What do you think of that?????

So there!!!

So, uh,  Susan, uh, can you put an Eye on the Bay logo on one of your super delicious cheese cakes, and all of that on top of an image of my Princeton-by-the-Sea book?


[This is a certified June-joke. Blame it on the Larry Kaplan influence. Too many lkaplanyacht.com emails. Plus I knew him in high school. OMG]