John Vonderlin: The DEVIL’S SLIDE (1950-51)

Story by John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
During the winter rains of 1950-51, the Devil’s Slide area had its third major closing. That time for 93 days, following closings of 47 days in both 1938 and 1942. While there wasn’t an article in the “Highways and Public Works” magazine describing the technical difficulties of its repairs, there was a cover page aerial photograph of it, post repairs, in the July-August 1951 issue. A short caption explained:
Sign Route 1 on Pedro Mountain in San Mateo County restored after last winter’s spectacular slide which required clearing of 900,000 cubic yards of slide material. (Aerial photo by M.R. Nickerson, Chief, Photographic Section, Department of Public Works.



And enjoy “Crossing Devil’s Slide, 1970s,” a little movie made by June

1970s Silent Moovie: Crossing Devil’s Slide from June Morrall on Vimeo.