Gray Gardner Loved Frank’s “Roadhouse” over looking Montara Beach

Story by Gray Gardner

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Dear June, I simply loved that old place after Dave, Sam, & Paul, The Distillery Guys, bought it and re-opened it in 1974 or 75. A lot of the “Distillery Locals” would spend  about half  their time there, especially because it had a Dance Floor, and some great Rock & Roll Bands .Also  by this time the food at the Distillery was really starting to catch on in the whole Bay Area,  the Locals weren’t there to scare off the tourists .

I have somewhere,the ticket (Certified) for the First Drink sold at the  Grand Re-opening.

I stayed there,upstairs, several times on visits after I moved back to Missouri and Ohio, The pipes were so Calcified, that it took ½ hour to take a shower. I never quite forgave the Guys for tearing it down and building the Chart House.(I don’t think it had anything to do with the Coastal Commission).  When David Andrews took it back over in 2000-2001, and failed, he blamed   the problem on Parking, which WAS part of the problem, but location, &  the number of new Restaurants around added to the problem. But the new building and atmosphere weren’t attractive to the  locals as well .

I have often thought that if someone could re-create the old 1950’s Roadhouse at that location it would be packed.

Take care-Gray