Before it was over: I walked out of Vince Vaughan’s “Couple’s Retreat”

By June Morrall

Before it was over, I walked out of Vince Vaughan’s “Couple’s Retreat.”

And I was looking forward to laughing non-stop so much that I had considered zooming “over the hill” to a five- minutes- after- midnight screening that would have been the first showing of “Couple’s Retreat.”. In retrospect, I would have regretted staying up that late to watch this not funny movie.

The first 30 minutes and more dragged on without mercy; it was torture watching the cast of characters, so bored with themselves, that to entertain myself I focused on the actor’s collective crows feet and began an internal debate on how well the make-up artists obscured freckles on arms and faces. Not one of the known actors could pump life into this dead script: How painful to watch them trying.

Did hilarious “Wedding Crashers” star Vince Vaughan vincehave writer’s block (WB) while he was working on the script AND when he was acting in it? If so the WB virus was catching—there were no standouts in this spirit-less flick.

I wanted to get to the Eden Resort, the Couple’s Retreat, the title of the movie, but far too much time was spent setting up the reason for the vacation. Time that would have been better spent writing comedy lines.

It was so bad that I left before the four boring couples arrived at the island, where I hope ticket holders finally got a few well earned laughs. Bottom Line: This is not a movie worth seeing, even if it’s free.