Bad TV Commerical: T-Mobile/ Google’s “My Touch”. Every-body Sing Along: “If you want to be you, be you OR if you want to be me, be me…”

I want to scream and throw my shoes at this tv commercial: Not only is it terrible and insincere using these middle-aged stars to hype the product with the “If you wanna be me, be me, be you, be whatever”twangy  tune in the background, but it’s a very poor attempt to copy Apple’s really good, older  commercials introducing iTunes, and featuring the face, height and  unusual voice of R&B singer “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe,”  Barry White. (I miss Barry White, don’t you?)

Please. Please, Please, pull this commercial off the air. It’s almost as bad as the one for the Palm Pre but at least the strange looking woman holding the Palm Pre elicits some mystery which is worth a few cents of my time.  I wonder how she really spends her day.

For more info on the “My Touch,” please click here