AMC’S MAD MEN: You know what’s going to happen on Betsy Draper’s 19th century “fainting” couch, don’t you?

[Image below: The sophisticated, and, at once hard and soft Betsy (“Betts”) Draper, mother of three, who can no longer hide her need for “something more,” played to the hilt by pouty January Jones, perfectly cast in the role of wife to sexy “concealer of his dark past” Madmen advertising exec Don Draper.]

What’s going to happen on that increasingly magnetic antique “fainting couch?” that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of her newly redecorated living room?

What’s a “fainting couch look like?” Here’s one from Lauren Crown Fine Furniture, to visit their site, please click here


What did you think about Bett’s outside updo, the one she wore in Rome when she and Don pretended not to know one another when they met for a drink? A playful game between husband and wife: A FANTASY. They were in Rome for a quickie business meeting with the very spontaneous Conrad–or more aptly, “Con-nie”–Hilton, a charming, very likable fellow. Bett’s hairdo definitely reminded me of a character out of  San Francisco’s epic BEACH BLANKET BABYLON, still playing, after all these decades at Club Fugazi in North Beach. The actors wear these enormously creative, elaborate, heavy headpieces, whole cities, sometimes , or maybe a South American banana plantation, on their small heads.

Surely one of Madmen’s fun loving hair stylists must have been inspired by Blanket Babylon’s original producer, Steve Silver, who I once met at San Jose State, where Silver was a student. As I recall, we were standing outside and Steve was sitting on a concrete ledge thingy, at once serious and carefree, swinging his legs—and I do believe he was talking about the concept for Beach Blanket Babylon, an idea that very soon turned into immensely successful reality for the City of San Francisco.