We asked afficianado Angelo Misthos: Is Mrs. Sousa standing in front of an Ocean Shore train?


We asked Angelo Misthos:

June , don’t think me presumptious.  I’m responding to the email you sent John [Vonderlin].  Cowcatcher–the common term–seems inappropriate here; proper term is pilot.

I don’t consider myself an expert, but I do think you’re right that it’s an OS engine.  Pg.  26 of  THE LAST WHISTLE has a picture of No. 3. Both engines  are  4-6-0 type (wheel arrangement).  Steam chests, headlight, tall stack, sand dome, placement of bell, steam dome, and whistle or safety valve atop steam dome are the same. The only differences I see are  length of the hand rail along the boiler top and the slightly lowered position of the left lamp on the smoke box front,  These could be earlier or later alterations.  The essentials are the same.  I agree with you.  You might get John Schmale’s opinion too.  One thing troubling me is the pipe that seems to come from behind the sand dome, through the running board and angled out near the front of the main (driving) rod.  I don’t get it–maybe a home-made lubricating method for the valve gear.  But as mentioned, I’m no expert.   Angelo