Half Moon Bay High Reunions:The STARS came out last night at Mezza Luna…

Mezza Luna in Princeton hosted the 40th reunion of Half Moon Bay High School’s luminaries, and the room was filled with local Coastside¬† stars—many more than I was able to capture. Plus, it’s dark in there! I needed photographers Michael & Deb Wong.

There was Margie Havice from the well known strawflower growing family (and whose mom taught school for years); Ernie Koep from the famous family of fishermen and writers, Bay Book store owners Kevin & Lynne Magee, “Bootlegger Cove” author Rob Tillitz, and, Moss Beach appraiser Sharon Bertolucci, who organized the event.

[Image below: Mezza Luna at night.]



[Here’s Margie Havice and her husband.] margie2

lynne [Lynne Magee & Ernie Koep. [Kevin Magee.] kevin2


Thoughtful-Rob “Bootlegger Cove” author Rob Tillitz says:
I am so angry that I was in the same room as you but did not get to visit for more than just a few moments. Oh well. I am going to attach the front and back cover of my new book that will be available on Amazon later this week. I will have it soon too, but they’ll have it before me. Next trip down I will notify you days in advance and set up a definite time and date that we can get together. Hope you’re doing well.