Resorts in the era of the Ocean Shore Railroad….

Ocean Shore Railroad


Distances from San Francisco and Hotel Accommodations

PacificaSALADA—14.3 miles. Hotel El Salada, accommodations for twenty. Rates $2.00 per day or $7.00 to $10.00 per week. Address E.G. burnett, Salada Beach, Cal.

The Barnes House, accommodations for twenty. Rates, $2.00 per day, $7.00 to $10.00 per week. Address Mrs. Etta Barnes, Salada Beach, Cal. Surf bathing and fishing. Good camping grounds free.

BRIGHTON—14.8 miles. Mori’s Hotel, accommodations for twenty. Address Doc Mori, Salada Beach, Cal. Good bathing, fishing, camping grounds. Excellent beach.

ROCKAWAY—16.6 miles. Rockaway Hotel, in course of construction. 100 rooms. Private baths. First-class accommodations. Address Dr. E. Schneller, Rockaway Beach, Cal.

Rockaway Beach Resort, home of the famous Mori Italian dinners. Broad, protected beach; fine surf fishing and bathing. Hunting for small game in foothills.

TOBIN—18.1 miles. The Cottage Hotel, accommodations for twenty. Beautiful surroundings, in San Pedro Valley, one-half mile from station and beach. Rates $2.00 per day or $10.00 per week. Address P.E. Fleming, Tobin, Cal.

San Pedro Cliff House, accommodations for twenty. Rates, $1.50 per day, $8.00 per week. Rendezvous for weekend surf fishermen. Address E.H. Danmann, Tobin, Cal.Hotel Torbatto, accommodations for twenty. Rates, $1.00 per day. Address Atillio Mencacci, Tobin, Cal.

Rooney’s Tavern, accommodations for fifteen. Fishermen and hunters’ resort. Two miles from station. Will meet train on request. Italian dinners a specialty. Address Louis Lenci, Tobin, Cal.

Surf fishing, bathing. Trout fishing in San Pedro Creek. Camping grounds can be had by applying to Hensley-Smith Company, Mills Building, San Francisco.

MONTARA—22.8 miles. The Montara Inn, accommodations for forty. Rates $2.00 per day, $12.00 to $14.00 per week. Address: The Montara Inn, Montara, Cal.

MontaraHotelMontara Hotel, accommodations for fifteen guests. Rates $1.50 per day, $8.00 per week. Address Mrs. H. Semler, Montara, Cal. Sandy beach, good sea fishing.

FARALLONE—23 miles. Farallone Hotel, accommodations for forty-five. Rates $2.00 per day, $10.00 to $12.00 per week. Surf fishing unexcelled. Address J.A. Fink, Farallone, Cal.

nyeshotelMOSS BEACH— 24.1 miles. Nye’s Hotel, accommodations for twenty-five. Abalone dinners a specialty. Rates $2.00 per day, $10.00 per week. Address Charles Nye, Moss Beach, Cal.

Hope Cottage, accommodations for ten. Rates, $1.50 per day, $9.00 per week. Address E.W. Hope, Moss Beach, Cal.

Camping facilities in Moss Beach Tent City can be had by applying to Moss Beach Realty Company, 1551 Mission Street, San Francisco.

Still water or surf bathing. Excellent salt-water fishing for eel, rock cod, capazoni, sea trout, perch and abalone. Excellent beach, sandy walks and drives. A beautiful picnic spot.

MARINE VIEW— 24.4 miles. Mission Tavern, in course of construction, will be completed by June 1st. Good beach for bathing and fishing. Hotel accommodations at Moss Beach.

princetonhotelPRINCETON—26 miles. Princeton Hotel, accommodations for forty. Rate $1.50 per day. Address Healy & Bonzagni, Half Moon Bay, Cal. Beautiful bathing beach.