1964: Marvin Cardoza

October 1964, from the Half Moon Bay Review

“From Janitor to Vice President of Bank of America in San Francisco—-The Story of a Half Moon Bay Boy”

By Ed Bauer

“From janitor to vice president of Bank of America. That’s the story of a former Half Moon Bay boy.

“This is the story of Marvin E. Cardoza


who last week (1964) was named vice president in charge of urban affairs for the bank which is widely heralded as ‘the world’s largest bank.’

“Marvin is the son of M.E. ‘Pat” Cardoza, Half Moon Bay. He attended local schools and later received a law degree at a San Francisco college.

“As a native of Half Moon Bay, he lived in the old Cardoza place on Balboa Street, Half Moon Bay. It was not far from the home of A.P. ‘Mac’ Dutra, a retired mortician who remembers the lad well.

“After completing high school education, Marvin went to work as janitor of the local branch of the Bank of America. It had previously been known as the Bank of Italy and before that it was the Bank of Half Moon Bay before it was acquired by the Giannini interests.

“His work as janitor and …..[words missing]….the former Half Moon Bay youth went to the San Francisco ‘head office.’ A few years ago he was made vice president. His new urban affairs post was a new challenge in a changing world. The bank wanted a man who could assume responsibilities with no delays.

“Friends of Cardoza say that he is a ‘continuous student.’ Virtually all his life, he has used a great part of his spare time to study new ideas on banking, new problems, and still enjoy family life and friends.

“When the new branch office of the Bank of America opened in Half Moon Bay last August [1963], Marvin and one of his sons were here to meet local people and renew old friendships.

“Cardoza’s wife is the former Mafalda Angelini of Half Moon Bay. ….”