Just In from Oregon: Charlie M. Shears Katie’s Sheep

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Meet Charlie M., Sheep ShearerCharliestarting

Trimming the hooves

This is how we shear: Audrey gets a haircut


That part’s done

That part's done

Molly comforts Dollie

Molly comforts Dolly

All done


Says Katie: irls. Linda completely shed her coat. So I was interested to find out from Charlie what kind of sheep they were. He told me that Linda and Audrey are called “hair” sheep – sheep that shed their wool and don’t need shearing. Although Linda shed hers, Audrey still had most of a coat with only the neck and chest area shedding. Hair sheep are raised for their skins and meat. Their hides make the finest glove leather. They are
White Dorper sheep and maybe some Barbedos in there too as Audrey is colored, with white sox and a patch of white on her side. It is a breed originatating in Africa where it’s hot and they don’t need the heavy wool.
Charlie didn’t tell me all that as I went on the internet and looked up hair sheep, Dorper, and Barbados. I’d like to see my plumber – who I bought Linda and Aurdrey from – to get a ram so we could breed the two younger girls.