Deb Wong: Camp Butano Visits Spring Mtn Gallery

Story & Photos/Video by Deb Wong

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The kids and their counselors from Camp Butano Creek visited our gallery today, to start off their field trip.  They are practicing photography at the camp, so they got to ask Michael a lot of questions about how to shoot photos.  While they were here, I took a few photos & some video (I am trying to practice my video skills, which can use some help). There were 3 adult volunteers to take the girls around.  So, o.k.,  I know that we weren’t the most exciting stop in their field trip, as they were on their way to the Santa Cruz boardwalk!  At least maybe they learned something, & got to look around. Before they left, they presented us with some Girl Scout cookies as a “thank you”.


Here is a link to a video of Michael talking about one of his photos: