1890s: Will Spanishtown Go for McKinley?

From San Mateo Times & Gazette, 1890s

Enthusiastic Silver Advocates at Half Moon Bay

Words of Commendation for Supervisor McAvoy from a Prominent and Substantial Source

Half Moon Bay

Is [Presidential candidate William] McKinley going to carry Spanishtown? Well I guess not judging by the Democratic enthusiasm last Saturday night at the organization of the silver club. With only a few hours notice, thirty citizens were gathered in Pacific Hall. W.J. Savage called the meeting to order. Mr. Keeling was elected temporary chairman. In a few minutes he explained the objects of the meeting. Then the rolls were offered for signatures and all present signed and one was a convert from the McKinley Club. 

Armand Levy was elected permanent chairman; Joseph McCarthy, secretary, Ed Campbell, F.B. Mosely, J.P. Quinlan, vice presidents, Joseph Debenedetti, treasurer, George Keeling, Alvin Hatch, Sidney Smith, F.B. Mosely and W.J. Savage managing committee. As each officer was elected he was called upon for a speech. To show the confidence of the members in their cause, the secretary was instructed to debate the issue of the campaign at any time or place agreeable to the gold men, the debate meeting to be open to the public, outside talent barred.

The McKinley club had been in existence a fortnight but that of free silver on the night of its organization almost doubled it in membership, and yet they dare say this town is for gold. The club meets again next Saturday night. Several good speakers will be on hand to speak upon the issues of the day. The public is invited to attend. Anyone who wishes to join the cause of the people against Hanna and the rest of the monopolists will find the roll at Levy Bros. store. Sign it and work for prosperity.