What’s a Javelina?



[ Note: A j was a new one for me. It’s a wild pig! My friend, Silvia, sent me the pix below—they were near her home.[

Says Silviia S.

Hi June, last evening around eight while we were sitting outside Roy and I noticed a few javalinas – a herd of about ten animals with quite a few babies – forage on cactus on the outside of our wall. We ran for the camera and tried to be really quiet. But we needn’t have worried, the pigs were not at all frightened by us flashing photos of them. They grunted and one even looked us straight in the eye. They really smelled like a garbage heap and their hair stood straight up when they were alerted by something. Anyway, they took their time looking for cactus and peaches that had fallen and eventually disappeared down into the canyon behind our house.