The El Granada Post Office “Gifted” with these New Blue Boxes to Dump Unwanted Mail and to Prevent ID Theft: The Only Problem is They are Inefficient

Experienced El Granada Post Office staff were not asked for opinions, or input when officials dropped off a number of these tiny blue boxes that you see below.

The purpose of the narrow blue boxes, with equally narrow slots for toss-away letters, etc. is to prevent “Identity Theft.”

The problem is the inefficient boxes are not only difficult to use– but a useless waste of money. They do not prevent “Identity Theft,” their stated purpose, but may, in fact, encourage identity theft.

When I tried to toss away some unwanted mail, I couldn’t get the paper into the very narrow slot. There is no play there; there is a lock on the box, however. In fact, the envelope I wanted to get rid of refused my repeated efforts to slide into the slot, and what happened is the paper remained half in-half out, visible for anyone to take. So much for protecting anybody’s identification.

My criticism and complaint is backed-up by the unhappy El Granada postal staff who say they empty these tiny boxes with itty-bitty slots several times a day. The staff also complains, as I wrote above, that no one asked them for opinions or input before the boxes arrived. Had they asked, the answer would have been a resounding: “Don’t put them in our post office.”

(Images below are of the new blue boxes. I wish I could have demonstrated the difficulty but I was alone at the time. You will have imagine and try for yourself.)