Photographer/Artist Deb Wong Says

[Image below: Deb & Mike Wong]

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On Saturday, Michael’s daughter Kaitlyn brought by a Fathers Day gift for her dad. Since she couldn’t take him out to breakfast, she brought a book for him, instead – “Searching for Anna”.  I had been reading your blogs, and mentioned the book to Michael.  He was surprised, and said that he didn’t know that “Mikie” as he calls her, had lost a child.  He told his daughter about the book several weeks ago (she and her mom know Michaele, too), and Kaitlyn bought a copy.  Since Michael doesn’t read books often, I will be reading it today when waiting at the hospital. Anna would be 2 years older than my daughter Kelly, who is now 37.  I know that there will be tears, so have brought lots of tissues.  That has got to be the worst – not knowing.  Leaves an open wound that can never know closure. Sorry if this sounds too sad.  I have great faith that we will be reunited with our loved ones when we leave our bodies. It’s just now that is hard to get through.

You take care, too, but just wanted to know that one one way or another, your blogs are being read, and inspire folks.