June’s Personal: Safety and the Flaws of Humans During These Unsteady Times

I don’t like to talk about my personal stuff that much—but this may be too important to ignore and will encourage others to make sure they are safe at all times. My cousin, my only cousin, lives in Belmont across the street from an unbuildable view, a very scenic canyon. On Tuesday while I was at my Grief Counselor (my life partner passed a couple of months ago) my cousin’s husband was not only robbed, and his car stolen, but he was beaten into a coma, from which he has not recovered.

The bad guy, not yet found, got into the house through a window that was not properly locked. Also, they had been having their home painted, and my cousin was really happy about the job. I’m not accusing the painters in any way at all–but perhaps someone else was watching. It was a horrific event coming on top of my own loss. 

What is this world coming to?