John Vonderlin’s Garden

June: Was it Saturday that I was sitting in my garden enjoying the warm sun and the natural beauty around me? Birds were flitting around; I thought I saw a flash of yellow and with my eyes tried to follow the flyer but it was too fast—and then it vanished from view altogether. What a disappointment. I described my few hours in the garden that has taken years to create, to beautify, and this is what John said:

[Image below: French Iris]

Hi June,
   Your mentioning your garden and the enjoyment you get from it, made me want to share a few pictures. We have a large Star Jasmine
along half of the south-facing side of our house. It frames the upper pane of the living room window, providing privacy while sitting, but still let’s lots of light in, especially since I removed the overhanging roof in this section. Once a year it becomes a wall of pure white, sweet-smelling blossoms. This year, because of the cool weather, it has had an extended run, leading right up to the blooming of the Agapanthus planting (Lily of the Nile)

that fronts it. This thirty-some year old vine is just a joy on so many levels, from aromatic to functional. 
jvgarden4. Enjoy. John