John Vonderlin: March 1906: What happened to the Portuguese-American Bank?

Story from John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
This article from the March 31st,
1906 issue of “The Call,” was just
weeks before the ’06 Quake, so I’m
not sure if the bank branch succeeded.
Enjoy. John
Rapid Growth of Halfmoon
Bay Compels Establishment
of Another Depository
Institution Will Be Styled
Portuguese-American Con
cern by Its Promoters
Special Dispatch to The Call.
HALFMOON BAY. March 30.— So rapidly has this town grown, since work be-
gan on the Ocean Shore Railroad that the need of another bank has been felt
keenly and capitalists have been found to satisfy the need. The bank now here is
less than one year old, but business is great enough for two financial institutions.
The new bank will be known as the Portuguese-American Bank and will
be under the direction of J. R. Pereire. Stock has already been liberally sub-
scribed and a policy to issue shares only in small amounts to individual
purchasers will faithfully be carried out.
The Portuguese-American Bank was founded in 1905 by Joaquim António da Silveira, at one point perhaps the richest Portuguese in the United States, and a number of other Portuguese in San Francisco. Silveira was originally of Ribeira da Areia, São Jorge, Azores, and he received knighthood in the Order of Christ from the Portuguese government in 1935. He lived in California and Nevada and was active in the dairy business