John Vonderlin: 1906/ Too Many Saloons in HMB

Story from John Vonderlin

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Half Moon Bay Scofflaws/1906  from the March 23, 1906 issue of the “San Francisco Call”


San Mateo County Officials

Begin Campaign Against

Violators of License Law


Authorities Determined to

Put an End to Resorts

Haunted by Bad Characters

Special Dispatch to The Call.

REDWOOD CITY, March 22— County

officials are operating from this city a

campaign for the suppression of the sa-

loons  that have sprung up in the Half-

moon Bay district like  mushrooms after

a rain. The illegal  resorts are being con

ducted  contrary to law and  without

license of any  sort. They have become

places of rendezvous for idle and crimi-

nal characters, who prey upon the entire

district. Scores of these tramps have

been attracted to the coast section by the

building of the Ocean Shore Railroad and

the authorities  have determined to rid

the county of them.

   After a journey of several days through

the district, Constable  James Cronk and

his deputies of this city arrested P. E.

Fleming and S. Mori, who were conduct-

ing saloons In the San Pedro Valley with

out a license. The men were taken to

the County Jail and upon their appear-

ance, before Judge Hannon, they pleaded

guilty. Fleming was fined $120 and Mori