Historical Fragments: 1957: Huge Barn Burns on McNee Ranch

1957 (part of the paper is missing, so I am calling it a fragment)

Old Landmark in $35,000 Blaze

“A coastside landmark, the huge barn on the McNee Ranch at Montara was destroyed by a spectacular fire Monday night. Fed by tons of hay stored within, the burning structure sent flames towering into the sky that could be seen for miles. 

“Destroyed  by the blaze, according to firemen, was the barn, valued at $20,000, 100 tons of hay and farm implements valued at $15,000.

“First on the scene was the Montara Fire Protection District department which turned out in full force on the alarm. Firemen found the barn totally involved on arrival and concentrated on protecting nearby dwellings, standing by until the arrival of the county fire department. The McNee was not included in the recently formed Point Montara fire protection district.

“Three county fire trucks and six firemen were assisted by Montara volunteers who remained at the scene with one of their two trucks.

“Firemen reported the barn was located between the ranch house, leased  by Bruce Hart, and a dairy barn. Both of the latter buildings were threatened by the flames, but were saved from damage by firemen who doused them with a protective spray of water.

“Flames were discovered shooting from the barn at 8:30 p.m., but cause……”