All about Tafoni….

To see what tafoni looks like, please click here

“Learn about a fantastic rock weathering pattern,” according to website “owner” Jon Boxerman.

johnvSays: John Vonderlin
Hi June,
Here are a few tafoni pictures. I like the first picture because it’s a good example of the “classic” tafoni

grouping with an interesting setting of multi-colored layers of rock turned on their sides. The second and third are a long view and close-up of what I now believe is an example of “Ephemeral Beach Art.”

I think I sent this to you previously with the comment that I was not sure if it was manmade or natural. On further thought, I’ve decided that the chances of the rocks of almost perfect size and shape to be thrown into the hole just right to make it stay is small. While Nature, given time could accomplish most anything, it’s misses would surely have crushed the delicate tafoni structures in the meantime.
The fourth is a picture of mollusks occupying an apartment building-style, tafoni-riddled rock.

I hadn’t noticed these when I photographed it originally.
The lastis a “two-tone tafoni,” where the tafoni structure is of a different type and color of rock then the substrate below it.
Enjoy. John