Image Makers Deb & Michael Wong had to turn down dinner at Sushi Main Street,

a wonderful invitation from dear friends Mel and Lettie Domatz-


[Image below: Deb with Michael Wong]

Let’s let Deb Wong explain:

“…Attached is a pic of our friends Letty & Mel Dolmatz.  They are in their 80s now (Mel is 87), energetic and sharp.  We know them from our membership in the Coastal Arts League (I am the secretary for CAL).  They talked about when they met JFK, RFK, and Teddy Kennedy back in the ’60s…among other political luminaries.  They have old photos that they took of the Kennedys.  I could only counter that with my meeting with Hillary Clinton at a Democratic function in Redwood City back in 1992 (no photos -drat!), where I spent my time talking (mostly) to Ira Ruskin, and feasting on the table tidbits.   I was one of the “Friends of Hillary Clinton”, and we had a banner saying that, when she arrived (briefly – she was touching base with many California towns stumping for her hubby). I was embarrassed as hell when the banner rolled out that read: “FREINDS OF HILLARY CLINTON”.  At least it didn’t say “FIENDS of…”   I didn’t make the banner. At least the cake had it spelled right.

“Anyway, Letty & Mel invited us out to dinner at Sushi Main Street, but we were both too pooped to go.  We really have been working hard. My feet swell up at the end of the day, and my shoes get stuck on my feet. Michael gets worn out, and just wants to go home to take a nap.  So, when we had to turn down their offer because it had been a “…long day”, Mel & Letty looked at us “children” pityingly, and waltzed – walked down Main street together, while we creakily poured ourselves into our van to go home.”
Michael and Deb Wong are having their Grand Opening for Spring Mountain Gallery next Saturday, the 30th of May at 2 pm on Main Street. (I’ll get the address later.) We wish them great success!