The old Catholic Church

Here are views of the old Catholic Church, which stood at the west end of Mill Street, across the way from today’s Mill Rose Bed and Breakfast. The Mill Rose B & B is one of the beautiful places to stay in Half Moon Bay, with exquisite landscaping cared for by the owners, Eve and Terry Baldwin. When you visit their website, you will enjoy what I am talking about—-the natural beauty of this special inn.


(Image below. I think it was in the 1950s that architectural change came to Half Moon Bay. Here is the new church that replaced the old one beloved by the locals.]



Again, I remain amazed at what business people do for us here on the Coastside, their appreciation of where we live—and then adding to that beauty with their generous gifts such as the Mill Rose and many, many other places. Thank you to the Baldwins of the Mill Rose Inn.

I was here when they began their large project of remodeling a small home into what it is today. What work and dedication that took.  To view their website, please click here


Below, are two photos of the old Catholic Church which has been replaced by a more modern, but in my opinion, not as attractive architecturally.