No Date: Memo from the “California Farmer”

From the California Farmer – Pacific Rural Press and California Cultivator

83 Stevenson Street

San Francisco 5, California

95th Year

To All District Managers of the California Farmer:

The Number One problem of California is water.

That’s why the California Farmer devotes so much time to the Reber Plan, and why I served as president of the non-profit corporation which boosts the Reber Plan.

We are wasting more good, fresh Central Valley through the Golden Gate each year than would be required to refill the underground and supply all the surface water needs in the State.

Briefly, the Reber Plan would build two wide earthen dams across San Francisco Bay and create two great fresh water lakes in the north and south portions of the Bay, connected by a ship channel. This would do away with the present wastage of fresh water to push back salt water.

This folder [note: I don’t have “the folder.] is an attempt to tell briefly a story which we keep up to date through the columns of the California Farmer. 

I wish you would carry this to our friends as you visit them. It’s the Number One item in their future.

Very Sincerely,

John E. Pickett

California Farmer

California’s Oldest and Largest Farm Paper