I am the Proud Mother of Two Naughty Cats

I will soon add pix of the two cats, Tami, the older woman with the much younger man.

Here’s the naughtiest of the naughty cat: Orlando-Murray-Baby mubabyr

Eleven years separate them and his previous owner called him “Lorenzo” for his lover qualities, and he is quite popular with humans. But then he name was changed to “Murray,” a perfectly good name but he never answered it. He loves to be called “Baby,” so that’s his name, Baby. 

Meanwhile here is a photo of my mom’s family taken during WWI. They look veery grim, indeed. The picture includes my mom, uncle, grandmom and granddad, a musician who was accidentally shot on the last day of the war (somewhere near the Alsace Lorrainhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alsace-Lorraine.)


My mom is the one with ribbon in her hair. They look strict, don’t they? Not one of them is smiling; I wonder what was going on in their minds. Of course, all are gone, now.