Dr. Warburton: A New Name in HMB History

From John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
Not being a student of HMB history,
I’ve never heard of this gentleman. Per-
haps it’s time he got his due. The
Santa Clara Library has a great Genae-
ology Room. When I can find time to
walk the 150 yards to it, I’ll go ask
them what they have on his early life
in HMB. At least I know who Warbur-
ton Street in my city is named after.
This article was from the February 10th,
1903 issue of “The Call.”
Enjoy. John
P.S. The attached ScreenShot of the
info about Mr Warburton comes from
a book available for free reading on
Archive.org. Its title is, “Pen Pictures
From The Garden of the World or San-
ta Clara County, California.” His short
bio is on page 241 and 242.

Dr. H. H. Warburton Suc
cumbs to Attack of
SANTA CLARA, Feb. 9.— Dr. H. H.
Wharburton, who was doubtless the pio
neer physician of the Pacific Coast at the
time of his death, succumbed to pneumo
nia at his home here to-day. He was
taken ill Thursday last, but until this
morning no serious symptoms were noted.
Dr. Warburton was nearly 84 years of
Henry Hulme Warburton was born in
Betly, Staffordshire, England, May 23,
1819. His father, grandfather and great
grandfather were physicians. After a
course at the London Hospital Medical
Institute Dr. Warburton practiced with
his father, John Warburton, until 1844,
when he went to New York. He was
surgeon on a whaling fleet from Yerba
Buena (now San Francisco) in 1845. He
cruised the northwest coast of America
and went as far south as New Zealand.
He resigned his commission as surgeon at
Halfmoon Bay in 1847 and started across
the mountains to this valley. Don Luis
Arguello and a party of companions had
been attending a festival at Half moon
Bay and were returning over the range
when they overtook Warburton; and with
them he came to Santa Clara. He was
elected Town Trustee in 1852.
When Dr. Warburton first came to the
Pacific Coast there were only three phy
sicians in California, and he often went
as far south as San Luis Obispo. He
rode a horse on professional visits all
over Contra Costa, San Mateo and Ala
meda counties before they were coun
ties, receiving his pay in cattle and
horses. The nearest physician was at
Monterey. There was no doctor in San
Francisco, except the one at the Pre
sidio. People frequently came from Los
Angeles to consult him. There was no
San Francisco at that time, and the two
Presidios, one at Mission Dolores and
the other in the location occupied by the
present Government station, were the
centers of population about San Fran
cisco Bay. Dr. Benjamin Cory, Dr. Lee,
an English physician, and Dr.. Van Cani
gan, all pioneer practitioners, were later
arrivals than Dr. Warburton.
Dr. Warburton was married in 1855 to
Mrs. Catharine Pennel (nee Long), and
to them seven children were born. Dr.
Warburton frequently remarked that he
was one day older than Queen Victoria.
Ho had six brothers and all but one were
physicians. Besides the widow there re
main five children. Charles P., John G.,
Henry L. Warburton. Mrs. S. R. Jack
son of San Felipe, San Benlto County,
and Miss Ella A. Warburton.