1980s Postcard from Doris Gunn, friend/student of Galen Wolf

. Here is a pix of Galen Wolf, one of the Coastside’s artists. galen  

Galen’s family were original pioneers, and he enjoyed watercoloring the history of the Coastside from Devil’s Slide to Ano Nuevo. I am anxiously awaiting a new book about Galen written by a lady who owns a large collection of his work.





Doris Gunn writes: Written on the Island of Palma de Mallorca, Summer, 1980 for June

George Sand and Frederic Chopin spent an unfriendly winter here on the island of Palma de Mallorca (1838-39) . Being not at all married, they found an unheartly welcome to the point where they were thrown out from So Vn, near Palma. But here inValldemoasa they did not find the Paradise both were looking for. Besides the very expensive food, they were treated by the local people as if they were sick! Anyhow George wrote Spiriolon [not certain about the spelling]m and “un ? a Palm de Mallorca.”

Frederic was sick (lung) the winter was very cold and the church helped to make life unbearable for the couple. It took a long time before he got his piano from Paris. But after its arrival, F. Chopin composed “La Tempete” . Listen to its beauty. [note: that means she included a tape with the postcards]

I will be posting more of Dorris Gunn’s notes and letters to me because they were so very special and artistic. Where are you Doris?


…more coming,