1963: Statute of Immigrant Project: Where’s the statute?

Isn’t this a fascinating document? Was the statute built? 

Mr. Carlos Almeida
Supreme Secretary-Treasurer
1120 East 14th St.
San Leandro, Calif.

Dear Sir and Bro.:
Thanks for mailing me your receipt for the donation of $100.00 to the Statute of Immigration Project, and again I repeat that I appreciate very much the opportunity in having myself become known as at least the son of an immigrant that did his part in developing the agricultural industry and economy of our state.

This also goes, in my behalf, to all of our other immigrants, and particularly to those Portuguese pioneers of Half Moon Bay, whose picture I left at your office last week, and whose names of those that I had the great privilege of knowing personally, are as follows:

(I don’t have the photo, sorry, but here are the names)

From right to left, and starting in with the first or front row: Jose Furtado, George Williams, Manual V. Nunes, John A. Bettencourt, Manuel S. Bettencourt, Candido Fernandes, Francisco Gomes 

Second Row:  John Lopez, Antonio Coelho, ?, Jose E. Cunha, ? and ?, Jose A. Fernandez, Joaquin Santos, Manuel Perfilho, Manuel Gaudencio

Third Row: Antonio Borreco, Munuel A. Cunha ? and ? Jose Trombas ? and ? , Jose Isidorio, Manuel Simao

Fourth Row: Benjamin Cunha, Jose Lisboa, Francisco M. Victorino, Jose Hel3nha 😕 and ? Manuel F. Cunah

Fifth Row: F.E. Pimentel, Josquin Bernardo ? and ? John Praeder, Jose V. Azevedo