1919: Good Montara Gossip

From the Half Moon Bay Review

Las Cabritas Ranch will exhibit twenty-seven goats in the Pure Bred Live Stock show in San Francisco from November 1 to 8. We expect to see them return with a lot of prizes.

The Wilson cottage, the Amos cottage, the Dr. Thomas cottage, the Wheeler house, the Maier mansion, the Weyl cottage, have all been rented recebtkt for the Winter months, which allows that the people are beginning to appreciat our Winter climate.

Arthur Wagner, wife and daughter Dorothy and Jean Ross of Jean Ross of Salada Beach. They have many friends here who will welcome them back.Mr. and Mrs. Havice own considerable property here and also stock in the Montara Realty Development Company.

Mr. Wilcox has three of the largest potatoes of the season on exhibition at the post office, one of them weighs two and one half pounds. Who can beat it?

The United States Government is at the present time installing a powerful wireless station at Point Montara Lighthouse station.

Mr. and Mrs. Drew of New York (side note: I met Gretchen Drew in San Francisco and she gave me some of the writer Peter Kyne’s work. Kyne lived in Moss Beach as a young man) have leased the house recently occupied by Rev. Osborn and will remain here permanently.

There is so much property around Montara that is improved that can be bought at such bargains that it will only be a short time until there is a more stable real estate market and the bargains are snapped up.

It is to be hoped that the people will remember that there are services at the church every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Rev. Mr. Osborne, pastor.

Miss Bessie Chase, who is spending a vacation at home, has been busy decorating the interior of their beautiful home. She is quite an artist with the paint brush.