1905: The HMB Review comes to town

[Image of the early offices of the Half Moon Bay Review and the Coastside Comet.]




Story from John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
This article is from the May 3rd, 1905
issue of “The Call.” It announces an
important stage in a growing town. That
being, when it gets a second newspaper.
This popped up as I was researching the
various editors of “The Coast Advocate.”
Coincidentally, Roma E. Jackson,
then the editor of “The Coast Advocate,” had
died suddenly of pnuemonia on Jan.3rd.
Whether this played into the decision to
start the Review I don’t know. I’ll check.
Enjoy. John

HALFMOON BAY, May 2.—Consid
erable interest has been manifested in
the appearance of another newspaper
in Halfmoon Bay. The new journal is
accepted as an evidence of the prog-
ress and prosperity of the town. The
new paper, is called the Halfmoon Bay
Review. It is published by H. E. Griff
iths, and is a neat and newsy sheet.
The Review has a rival in the Coast
Advocate, which, under the direction
of Lester J. Skidmore, has long been
one of the most potent influences for
good in the community. The announ-
cement that Halfmoon Bay, is soon to
have a bank is considered as further
evidence of the prosperity of the town.
The town certainly needs such an insti-
tution for the convenience of its mer-
chants, whose trade has of late been
increasing very rapidly.